In recent years the Yellowstone Caldera has started to have an uplifting since 2004. The caldera is a depression that is formed from magma leaving the magma chamber through eruption. Scientists say that due to magmatic recharge of the Yellowstone magma body it causes the uplift of the Caldera. The Caldera is active and could cause another eruption upon various circumstances. Gradual movement of the park's hotspot can change the landscape of the park. Underneath there is magma and molten rock that is stored until the next eruption. The pressure is said to make the caldera bulge but when the pressure is gone it sinks into the landscape. The size of it is quite large, it is measured to be 45 by 30 miles. Although there is activity going on underneath the park it is said that it is not fatal.

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Image Credit: Unknown. Accessed 20 September 2017.
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